comatose bones into silicone drones

SWISS FUCKING CHEESE - a mix for everybody’s favourite asshole, Michael “Rage Quit” Jones

being from jersey means never having to say you’re sorry / cobra starship
['Cause I know it's just a game
But I’m playing it to win
I won’t forget from where I came
But it’s time to take over

IDGAF / watsky
[I wanna see the cool and the classy
And I wanna see the cruel and the nasty
'Cause if it's real shit
Lemme feel it
And if you can’t deal
I don’t give a fuck!

@!#?@! / motion city soundtrack
[In early ‘99, I beat the Ocarina of Time
I’m quite the legend in this town
My friends get wicked shit from all the foul-mouthed fools you roll with
Just push your luck, there will be blood
Most likely your own carnage

white knuckles / ok go
[So come and let it all out, let it bleed
Did you get what you want? Did you get what you need?
Behind the lines, behind the walls
Tell me what’s the bet you made, was it that bad after all?

i don’t have a favourite pony / hank green
[It’s equally probable that instead of changing the world
I’ve spent the last 6 hours watching a cartoon made for little girls
Battles in the real world are so complexly won
It’s all so much simpler in Equestria

life on the nickel / foster the people
[I’ve got the worst all behind me
Yeah they’ll never be able to find me
I’m the king of the city
I’m a roach and they’re all primates
This is meal time, real life
I’m not gonna fight
No, I’m gonna start a war

my body / young the giant
[My body tells me no
But I won’t quit
'Cause I want more, 'cause I want more

run my mouth / watsky ft. danny mcclain
[I tend to vent a lot, it’s hard to end a thought
I get pent up and I guess I don’t know when to stop
If I get a mental block, you can hear a pencil drop
But if not I’m all talk like a rent a cop

a wolf in geek’s clothing / the naked and famous
[No sweat, take a bow
Don’t fret; it’s over now
Shake a fist
Howling at the empty mist

the greatest man that ever lived / weezer
[I can’t help myself because I was born to shine
And if you don’t like it, you can shove it
But you don’t like it, you love it
So I’ll be up here in a rage
'Til they bring the curtain down on the stage

folie à deux ; an instrumental mix for the lutece twins  // ☞ download ☜

dibs - a jeff x britta fanmix 12 songs for the greatest relationship ever known 
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○ dropped / phantom planet ( tell me that you want me / tell me that you need me / tell me ‘cause i’d like to know ) 

○ i like you so much better when you’re naked / ida maria ( oh i’m nervous, i don’t know what to do / light a cigarette, i only smoke when i’m with you ) 

○ 7 minutes in heaven (atavan halen) / fall out boy ( i’m sitting out dances on the wall, trying to forget everything that isn’t you / i’m not going home alone, ‘cause i don’t do too well on my own ) 

○ fair game / the like ( it’s just a game and if you know the rules you can’t get hurt / we’re all the same, a bit tempestuous / but we’re just restless, right? ) 

○ tighten up / the black keys ( someone said true love was dead / and i’m bound to fall, bound to fall for you / oh what can i do? ) 

○ haven’t had enough / marianas trench ( i just wish we could go back one more time and begin it / back before i lost myself somewhere, somewhere in it )

○ closer / tegan & sara ( all you think of lately is getting underneath me / all i dream of lately is how to get you underneath me 

○ bohemian like you / the dandy warhols ( it’s you that i want, so please / just a casual, casual easy thing / is it? it is for me / and i like you, yeah i like you/ and i like you i like you i like you ) 

○ stuck in the middle with you / stealers wheel ( yes i’m stuck in the middle with you / and i’m wondering what it is i should do / it’s so hard to keep this smile from my face / losing control, yeah, i’m all over the place ) 

○ sixteen saltines / jack white ( who’s jealous, who’s jealous, who’s jealous, who’s jealous of who? / if i get busy then i couldn’t care less what you do / but when i’m by myself i think of nothing else / than if a boy just might be getting through and touching you ) 

○ all the pretty girls / fun. ( you still wear boots and your hair is too long / and then this one doesn’t want to admit she’s fallen in love / oh c’mon, oh c’mon, what’s a boy to do / when all the pretty girls can’t measure to you? ) 

○ house of cards / radiohead ( i don’t want to be your friend / i just want to be your lover / no matter how it ends / no matter how it starts )

syntax & semantics ; a lutecest fanmix ⌚ listen @ 8tracks (now with 100% more download link! neat!)

heads or tails (lutece theme) - the blake robinson synthetic orchestra [instrumental]

islands - the xx
[i don’t have to leave anymore / what i have is right here / spend my nights and days before / searching the world for what’s right here]

pretty down to your bones - the hush sound
[i never wanted anyone else / don’t want anyone else but you / i do adore the hand that i’ve been dealt]

save me - muse
[turn me into someone like you / find a place that we can go to / run away and take me with you / don’t let go i need your rescue]

die by the drop - the dead weather
[let’s dig a hole in the sand, brother / a little grave we can fill together / .. / some people die just a little / sometimes you die by the drop / some people die in the middle / i live just fine on the top]

empire - jukebox the ghost
[oh my god you’re the one i’ve been holding out for / for so damn long / for so damn long / and you’re a far cry from an empire at peace]

new perspective - panic! at the disco
[stop there and let me correct it / i wanna live a life from a new perspective / you come along because i love your face / and i’ll admire your expensive taste]

equals - mutemath
[if we’ve got the same heart that we use to trust / the same spark in our eyes / if we’ve got the same love that used to carry us / then we can make it out alive]

photographic memory - emilie autumn
[you’re not so far away / you’re sitting in the space between the night and day / and so i’ll wait for the sound of your footsteps / the tea that’s brewed too strong / the part of me that’s waited patiently for oh so long]

i’m slowly turning into you - the white stripes
[i dig your little laugh and i’m lovin’ your quick wit / i even love it when you’re faking it / and it might sound a little strange for me to say to you / but i’m proud to be you]

carousels - beirut
[it’s a long way down from here to the sound / watch the faces go ‘round to the stars then the ground]

where i end and you begin - radiohead
here’s a gap in between / there’s a gap where we meet / where i end and you begin]


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i’ve been frostbitten! { a jack/tooth fanmix }


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stormborn. ♕ { a daenerys targaryen fanmix }

8 tracks by awesome ladies for the awesomest lady of them all, Daenerys Targaryen, Khaleesi and Mother of Dragons.

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head over heels! {♊♥♎}


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parentheses {dirkroxy fanmix}

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♘ love is our resistance ☼


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