comatose bones into silicone drones

syntax & semantics ; a lutecest fanmix ⌚ listen @ 8tracks (now with 100% more download link! neat!)

heads or tails (lutece theme) - the blake robinson synthetic orchestra [instrumental]

islands - the xx
[i don’t have to leave anymore / what i have is right here / spend my nights and days before / searching the world for what’s right here]

pretty down to your bones - the hush sound
[i never wanted anyone else / don’t want anyone else but you / i do adore the hand that i’ve been dealt]

save me - muse
[turn me into someone like you / find a place that we can go to / run away and take me with you / don’t let go i need your rescue]

die by the drop - the dead weather
[let’s dig a hole in the sand, brother / a little grave we can fill together / .. / some people die just a little / sometimes you die by the drop / some people die in the middle / i live just fine on the top]

empire - jukebox the ghost
[oh my god you’re the one i’ve been holding out for / for so damn long / for so damn long / and you’re a far cry from an empire at peace]

new perspective - panic! at the disco
[stop there and let me correct it / i wanna live a life from a new perspective / you come along because i love your face / and i’ll admire your expensive taste]

equals - mutemath
[if we’ve got the same heart that we use to trust / the same spark in our eyes / if we’ve got the same love that used to carry us / then we can make it out alive]

photographic memory - emilie autumn
[you’re not so far away / you’re sitting in the space between the night and day / and so i’ll wait for the sound of your footsteps / the tea that’s brewed too strong / the part of me that’s waited patiently for oh so long]

i’m slowly turning into you - the white stripes
[i dig your little laugh and i’m lovin’ your quick wit / i even love it when you’re faking it / and it might sound a little strange for me to say to you / but i’m proud to be you]

carousels - beirut
[it’s a long way down from here to the sound / watch the faces go ‘round to the stars then the ground]

where i end and you begin - radiohead
here’s a gap in between / there’s a gap where we meet / where i end and you begin]
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